Cataract Care Testimonials

Jose – Testimonial
Patient of Brian E. Smith, M.D. &  Alice L. Bashinsky, M.D.
Procedures: Cataract Surgery & Strabismus Surgery

Clyde & Beverly – Testimonial
Patient of  Brian E. Smith, M.D.
Procedures: Cataract Surgery

“…I was told that I had elevated eye pressure and should find a good ophthalmologist.  I asked my internist for a reference and he promptly arranged for my wife and me to be assigned to Asheville Eye’s Dr. Brian Smith.  That was some six years ago.

Beverly and I quickly and totally developed confidence in Dr. Smith, his staff, equipment, and his wide skill.  Beverly’s problem is macular degeneration and mine is glaucoma.  We have always considered that Dr. Smith exudes gentle confidence, is willing to explain and reassure, is respected and well-liked by his staff and is totally trusted by us throughout numerous processes.  These include double cataract surgeries for both of us, with an additional laser surgery process on one cataract lens and another that will be conducted on my other eye.

We have every confidence that Dr. Smith will be able to handle any problem in the future.  We consider him to be a totally reliable and trusted friend.  If you have a vision problem, seek him out!”