Jeffrey B. Goldstein, M.D.
Why Choose an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

  • Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Q: What insurances are accepted?

Please call (828)258-1586 to see if your insurance is accepted. AEA accepts nearly all insurance plans.

Q: What does Dr. Goldstein charge for cosmetic consultation?

Cosmetic Non-surgical Consultation: The fee for cosmetic non-surgical (Botox and Juvederm) consultation is $100.00. At the consultation Dr. Goldstein will determine with you an appropriate treatment plan which is usually scheduled for a subsequent visit. An estimate for the fees for Botox or Juvederm will be provided at this initial consult (fees vary depending on the amount of product needed for the recommended treatment).

Cosmetic Surgical Consultation: The standard cosmetic surgical consultation fee is $125.00, but in rare cases may range up to $300.00 for very complex surgical issues. Consultation to evaluate medical eyelid malposition (to evaluate droopy lids affecting vision) and to determine if the patient meets insurance requirements requires clinical evaluation and usually specific testing; this type of consultation is billed to insurance at the standard rate.

Q: How will I know if my eyelid surgery will be covered by insurance?

Dr. Goldstein will be able to tell you if he believes your condition meets the criteria for insurance reimbursement. However, for upper eyelid surgery each insurance carrier has slightly different criteria. The criteria are published. For plans that require preauthorization, the insurance company will determine if the procedure will be covered.

Medicare also has published criteria defining coverage for upper eyelid surgery but does not preauthorize procedures. All patients who undergo eyelid surgery who have Medicare are required to sign an advanced beneficiary notice, which states that Medicare does not guarantee payment. Lower eyelid surgery for lower lid bags is usually considered cosmetic surgery and isn’t covered by insurance.

Q: What type of anesthesia will be used for my surgery?

Most cosmetic procedures can be performed with maximum patient comfort using local anesthesia. Certain upper and lower eyelid surgeries use “twilight” anesthesia and are performed in our Asheville Eye Surgery Center, a fully licensed and accredited outpatient surgery center dedicated exclusively to eye surgery. Dr. Goldstein will discuss your options with you at your consultation.