Jeffrey B. Goldstein, M.D.
Patient Testimonials

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Cheryl S

Dr. Goldstein performed cosmetic surgery after my cataracts were removed.  He also exemplified the highest level of professionalism, competence and empathy towards a very nervous patient.  I also appreciated his eagerness to explain in detail my options without any pressure for me to choose more than I was comfortable with.  His thorough and expert follow-up care is continuing.  Dr. Goldstein’s staff is also fantastic…The flawless interaction between all departments and at all levels is seamless.  It is obvious that patient care is a team effort.



From first to last, this was an exceptionally good experience. I commend your professionalism, teamwork and spirit. My heartfelt thanks.


Very pleased with the results of my eyelid surgery!  No problems during post-op – I am very happy!  Several of my friends are coming for the same procedure.  They looked at my results daily and are very excited to schedule the time to have the same surgery.

Vicki L.

I was very impressed by the whole staff of friendly, helpful people.  My pain was minimal and the results beyond expectations.

William M.

The quality of your work surpasses excellence!  And even more, your service and caring are beyond anything I’ve previously experienced in the medical community.  I just cannot recommend Dr. Goldstein highly enough.


It took about 6 months to get my eye surgery.  My insurance would not pay for the surgery so I was disappointed and did not schedule at my first appointment.  Then I decided that the cost was not that much more than my deductible and decided to get surgery.  So happy that I did the surgery.  Happy, Happy, Happy with results.


I am so grateful to have been treated by Dr. Goldstein for a basal cell on my lower eyelid.  After Moles’ surgery, which was very extensive, he literally put my eye and face back together.  His manner was always reassuring, especially when I first saw what he had to repair.  Today you can’t even tell which eye was so damaged.  Thank you to Dr. Goldstein and his staff.


Dr. Goldstein has impressed me very favorably with his expertise, attention and kindness.  The nurses who took care of me during surgery were skillful and friendly.  Dr. Goldstein and his nurses make a great team.


I have had a wonderful experience with my eye surgery.  Dr. Goldstein did a wonderful job, and I am seeing and looking so much better.  Thank you Dr. Goldstein.


This office is No. 1.  Everyone is so kind and thoughtful.  Dr. Goldstein did a beautiful job on my eyelids.  I look and feel much better.

Mary Ann

I would highly encourage anyone to see Dr. Goldstein.  I have had a wonderful result from my eyelid surgery.  Everyone I’ve dealt with at Asheville Eye has been truly warm and caring.


I could not have had a more caring, compassionate doctor.  He is the best.  He came highly recommended to me by my family doctor and former patients.  I would highly recommend him to anyone and I thank him.

Nancy D.

The surgical procedure was the easiest I’ve ever had.  Almost like visiting a spa, with warmed bed and nurses friendly and eager to meet my every need and ensure my comfort.  I could speak with Dr. Goldstein during the procedure and I honestly never felt any pain – even from the needle for anesthesia!  Great experience and I look so much better and can see better!