Edward K. Isbey, III, M.D.
Patient Testimonials

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Lynda J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Isbey’s for 12 years. He has done all of my eye surgeries which include corneal transplants. He is very friendly, very generous and understanding. He explains everything to you in depth. I would recommend him to anyone. I would not let anyone else do my eye surgery. He is #1 in my book.

Lynda T.

Thank you Asheville Eye Associates!!! Dr. Isbey is amazing his level of professionality and expertise, his caring manner, the knowledge and skill that he offers his patients creates total patient confidence!! Corrected vision is such a gift!

Gay H.

In one descriptive word, the outcome of my recent cataract surgery was miraculous!Following surgery, my unaided vision improved from 200/400 to 20/20 and I have not been able to see this well in over 40 years!@ I feel extremely blessed to have been the recipient of Dr. Isbey’s experienced and highly gifted surgical skills. And, in addition, from the front desk to the operating room I was consistently met with friendly, positive, supportive and considerate personnel who answered my questions and treated me as a valued patient. Without reservation, I have already and will continue to recommend Dr. Isbey to my family and friends.

I found all staff, from the front desk and surgical team to be very nice and friendly. Dr. Isbey, besides being talented, has a great bedside manner.


I found the staff, from the front desk and the surgical team to be very nice and friendly. Dr. Isbey, beside being talented, has great bedside manner!


Very well run office w/exceptional professionalism Doctor and staff – great people!


Dr. Isbey performed cataract surgery on my eyes and it has been a wonderful experience. I can see so well, and my vision has just been great. I love the staff and I so appreciate Dr. Isbey’s skill and professionalism. Thank you, Dr. Isbey, and thank you to Dr. Isbey’s kind staff.


Dr. Isbey, III has treated me, and my 5(now grown) children-for 25 years since we moved here. He has diagnosed difficult visual challenges(Bell’s Palsy, Optic Neuritis, severe infections)and either treated them himself where appropriate or sent us ASAP to the right treating physician. I wouldn’t send good friends or loved ones to anyone else for their eye doctor!!


Everyone from reception through 1st day post-op were great. The experience was wonderful. I felt very safe and relaxed during surgery. Thank you everyone and especially Dr. Isbey for giving me a great Christmas present, my sight back.


Top notch, excellent experience, good bedside manner, reassuring, conscientious


Dr. Isbey’s professionalism, extraordinary skill, his surgical team (everyone I came in contact with)were all as special as he is, and most importantly his kindness and overall demeanor have restored my confidence and faith in the medical profession. My family has chronic medical issues and are involved with many in the medical field, therefore, I feel confident in my assessment of Dr. Isbey and Asheville Eye Associates! Two thumbs up for all of you. Thank you for being who you are!!

T. Jeff

Thank you so much to Asheville Eye Surgical Center for such great care during my DSAEK/cataract surgery. Dr. Isbey and all the staff were so kind and efficient, and explained everything as it progressed. I could not have imagined better care. After only one week, I can already see better out of the operative eye than in years. But mostly, I’ll never forget how much Dr. Isbey and the entire staff worked to make me comfortable and to ensure a great outcome. Thanks, everyone!