Brian E. Smith, M.D.
Patient Testimonials

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Jill H.

I had recently moved to this area and contracted a fairly serious infection in both of my eyes. I was able to get an appointment quickly with Dr. Smith. His manner was calm and kind. However, most important, he was competent, seemed to know what the problem was and what solution was required. In short, he was able to accurately diagnose and treat me effectively and all the while treat me with a caring, steady presence. He is my hero!

Sharon M.

This was my first visit of seeing Dr. Smith. He is an excellent doctor-very professional, thorough and patient. I would recommend his services to others.

Karen M.

Each tech and assistant gives excellent care and exam directions, etc. Dr. B. Smith is excellent in knowledge and able to explain well what is/will be needed. I’m very pleased to be a patient at Asheville Eye.

The P. Family

Thanks for such great care of our Dad.

Harrison and Betty

“Dr. Brian Smith provides excellent service to my husband and I during office visits and surgery. He expresses himself in a kind and gracious manner. He listens to his patient, gives detailed explanations and converses with his patients not just at him. He is pleasant, calm and patient, and knowledgeable as well as skillful. We appreciate his demeanor and medical abilities in providing needed services. We wish to highly commend Dr. Smith for his outstanding customer service – he is a role model for his colleagues-very friendly and personable. Dr. Smith is only the second physician who ever called Harrison after surgery to check on his status. Great service!”


Wonderful place! All friendly and kind. Dr. Smith has transformed my life.


The amazing change in vision after cataract surgery was most appreciated. Dr. Smith and staff were most professional. The surgery was painless and recovery very uneventful. A most positive experience.